Viral Again, Teltlk Has 18 Million Pi Network Coins in Wallet

Jakarta, – The Pi Network digital currency went viral with users owning 18 million Pi Network coins.

This news was conveyed by many Pioneers through posts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter (platform X).

According to circulating claims, Teltlk managed to gain up to 18 million Pi Network coins in their wallet.

This fantastic number is also known as the owner of the wallet with the largest balance so far.

“Teltlk has announced holdings of over 18 million PiCoins, leading all PiNetwork Mainnet wallets,” wrote the @cryptoleakvn account on the X platform.

Pi Network logo on phone screen. Doc photo (

Still from the post, it is stated that the Teltlk wallet currently holds more than 18 million Pi Coins.

This announcement is said to be unprecedented in that Pi’s wallet contains this amount of coins.

“This arouses curiosity in the community,” he concluded.

Pi Network is a new and first cryptocurrency with a tap-to-mine mining system via smartphone.

In its vision and mission, Pi Network wants to reach all groups so they can have digital currency.

The presence of the Pi Network also breaks the notion that mining digital currency requires expensive costs and computer equipment with high specifications.

This also differentiates the way of Bitcoin digital currency mining and Pi Network mining. ***

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