Nicolas Kokkalis’ Latest Viral Statement Regarding the Open Mainnet Pi Network

Jakarta, – Dr Nicolas Kokkalis, founder of the Pi Network project, recently provided a statement regarding the Mainnet launch.

Although the original source is not yet known, Kokkalis’ statement is said to have been present during a question and answer session with the Pioneers on the project chat platform.

In the discussion, Kokkalis answered several questions that were relevant to the Pi Network community, including the open mainnet schedule.

The first question asked was regarding the exact date of the Pi Mainnet launch.

Kokkalis provided this highly anticipated answer by revealing that the official launch date will be announced via the company’s official website about one month in advance.

Dr Nicolas Kokkalis, founder of Pi Network

He stated that this announcement is scheduled to occur at the end of the third or fourth quarter of 2024.

This gives a strong signal that the open mainnet will actually be released at the end of 2024.

Kokkalis also answered questions about recent tests and Pioneer status.

He explained that the activity test, or what is better known as the vitality test, is actually additional data for Pioneers whose #KYC (Know Your Customer) status is tentative.

This status is indicated by an orange KYC ecosystem progress bar.

If the progress turns green, it indicates that the KYC process has been completed.

Kokkalis explained that there were misunderstandings that often occurred among the Pioneers.

Dr Nicolas announced plans to open mainnet by the end of 2024

Even though it is only an additional step for Pioneers with certain statuses such as tentative KYC.

Finally, Kokkalis answered questions regarding the KYC process and when it can be carried out by the public.

He explained that implementing KYC takes a relatively long time and cannot be completed in one process.

This process was gradual, with some Pioneers arriving earlier and others arriving later.

Kokkalis emphasized the importance of patience in this process and said that the project team is working to speed up this process to ensure that the plan is in line with the Pi Mainnet opening date. ***

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