Why It’s Important to Use a Private Network and How to Prevent Social Engineering

VIVA – Data security is a top priority for every business entity. There are several ways you can maintain data security. One way that can be done to maintain data security is to use a private network. Apart from implementing private networks, efforts to protect personal data can be done through preventing social engineering.

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Unfortunately, these two things still do not receive enough attention from many parties. In fact, these two things are two crucial steps in protecting sensitive information. Therefore, this article will discuss the importance of personal networks, definitions, and effective ways to prevent social engineering.

What is a Private Network?

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A private network is a communications network that is used exclusively by users from one organization or entity. As the name suggests, this network is used privately and is not exposed to external or public networks.

Private networks are usually used to connect computers and other devices in a controlled environment. This certainly provides a guarantee of secure and isolated data exchange from the general internet.

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Private networks themselves are usually provided by internet service providers or by companies that provide private network services. In Indonesia itself, many companies offer private networks. Meanwhile, one of the best private network service providers in Indonesia is Telkomsel.

Private networks can be implemented physically or virtually. Private network implementation is physically implemented using cables and switches in one location. Meanwhile, virtual private networks use technology such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) which encrypts connections on the public internet to create a secure path between users and the network.

If you are looking for the best Private Network solution to support your business connectivity, Telkomsel Enterprise is ready to provide it. This product is designed to provide an exclusive, reliable and stable network in company locations with local breakout so as to increase the efficiency of business operations for corporate clients.

Our Private Network minimizes dependency on public networks, reducing the risk of downtime. With this feature, companies can stay connected to external connections even if the public network experiences disruption. Apart from that, this product also protects your data and system operations from external threats. This means that not only is your network safe and stable, because there must be a solution so that your company’s data and operational systems are well protected.

The Importance of Using a Private Network

Private networks provide several benefits for their users. The following are reasons why using a private network is important.

1.Optimal Data Protection

Private networks provide a secure environment for company data and information. A private network will isolate them from public access that could be potentially dangerous. Because it is isolated, using a private network will certainly reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data theft.

2. Strict Access Control

The use of private networks allows companies to more tightly control who has access. Especially access to important information. This is important to prevent unauthorized access that could compromise the integrity of company data.

3.Performance Improvement

Private networks usually have better performance compared to public networks because their use is limited to corporate entities only. This performance is critical for business applications that require large data transfers or require high speeds for daily operations.

Social Engineering

Regarding data security, one of the things that is very risky in maintaining data security is social engineering. But what is social engineering?

Social engineering is a psychological manipulation technique used by cybercriminals against targets. Social engineering is so effective because it is often easier to exploit human willingness to help than to find technical weaknesses in software and security systems, making it one of the most dangerous and difficult to detect cyber threats.

The goals are varied. For example, to gain access to information, systems or networks by tricking individuals into providing sensitive data or performing actions that enable unauthorized access.

The success of social engineering depends on the perpetrator’s ability to build trust with the victim. For example, an attacker might pretend to be an IT technician from a victim company, providing instructions for downloading software that is actually malware.

How to Prevent Social Engineering

1.Employee Education and Training

Providing security awareness training to all employees is the first and most important step in preventing social engineering. Employees should be taught about the various tactics used by cybercriminals, such as phishing, pretexting, and baiting.

2.Implementation of a Strong Security Policy

Establishing clear security policies and requiring employees to follow them can reduce the risk of social engineering. This includes policies regarding the use of strong passwords, access management, and identity verification procedures.

3. Use of Security Technology

Implementing technology solutions such as private networks, anti-phishing tools, and secure email gateways can help protect companies from social engineering attacks. This technology provides an additional layer of security that makes attacks more difficult to carry out.

4. Development of a Security Culture

Building a security culture within the organization where every employee feels responsible for information security is vital. This includes reporting suspicious activity and not ignoring established security protocols.

The following is an explanation of what a private network is and preventing social engineering. In conclusion, the use of private networks and social engineering prevention strategies are important things for every company to know.

Implementing private networks such as those offered by Telkomsel and preventing social engineering should also be implemented by companies. Both are the right combination to protect company assets and data. By taking these steps, including using the Private Network solution from Telkomsel Enterprise, there must be a solution so that companies can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and ensure continued safe operations.

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If you are looking for the best Private Network solution to support your business connectivity, Telkomsel Enterprise is ready to provide it. This product is designed to provide an exclusive, reliable and stable network in company locations with local breakout so as to increase the efficiency of business operations for corporate clients.

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