Snapchat gets AI makeover, gains chat-editing capability | Technology News

Snapchat, with its latest update, has added a bunch of new features such as the ability to edit chats and set reminders. It has also gained a few more generative AI-powered features.

The update is currently rolling out to both Android and iOS users. Some of these features are limited to the paid Snapchat+ users, and are currently rolling out in phases. Snapchat+ users get the chat-editing capability. These users will now have up to five minutes to fix a typo in a text message after sending it.

One of the new generative AI-backed features called ‘My AI Reminders’ can help a user remember an upcoming deadline. Users can also ask the ‘My AI Chatbot’ to set up an in-app countdown by just sending a simple text.

Snapchat also uses AI to create custom Bitmoji looks, which includes the ability to create different fabric patterns such as ‘vibrant graffiti’ or ‘skull flower’, and these patterns can be further customized as per one’s taste. Snapchat lens gains AI capability too, with a 90s AI lens filter. This can turn your selfie into a picture from the early 90s.

Snapchat has been offering other AI-generated features like an AI background generator for a while now, and most of the AI ​​features on the platform are powered by OpenAI’s GPT. Users can now react to a message using any emoji. This was earlier limited to select reactions and Bitmoji.

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When a friend on Snapchat shares their location on the Snap Map, others can now send a wave, in case they are nearby.