Results of the Latest Kanigoro Network Survey Regarding the Central Java Gubernatorial Election; Regional Police Chief Ahmad Luthfi Top Rank

SOLO, AYOSOLO.ID – Based on survey results, the Central Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Ahmad Luthfi, is ranked highest as a candidate for governor of Central Java.

Based on the Kanigoro Network survey, one of the reasons for occupying the highest survey is that the Central Java Regional Police Chief has been proven to master problems and has expertise in the territorial field.

According to the founder of Kanigoro Network, Joko Kanigoro, in a survey simulation conducted by Kanigoro Network, Ahmad Luthfi was in first place with an electability of 25.1%, followed by Hendrar Prihadi at 23.8%, and third place Sudaryono at 13.7%.

Apart from these three names, other names included in the survey were Taj Yasin Maimoen (9.4%), Dico M Ganinduto (7.2%), Yusuf Chudlori (5.6%), Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul (4.5 %). Meanwhile, another 10.7% said they didn’t know or didn’t answer.

“The appearance of Ahmad Luthfi is an answer to public doubts about the previous Central Java leadership which did not provide significant changes. Luthfi’s figure is the antithesis of previous governors,” said Joko, Thursday 9 May 2024.

The second factor, he continued, was that with his background as Central Java Regional Police Chief, Ahmad Luthfi was considered the figure with the most capacity to lead Central Java.

“Mastery of Central Java’s problems and interior is one of the factors why Ahmad Luthfi’s electability is the highest among other figures,” he explained.

On the other hand, Joko also explained a sample simulation of candidate pairs for governor and deputy governor based on predictions of the grouping of supporting parties which allows for three candidate pairs.

This is based on predictions of electability and availability of seats for Central Java DPRD political parties.

“So it is very possible that in the Central Java regional elections there will be three pairs of candidates for governor and deputy governor,” he explained.

Furthermore, Joko explained that the simulation of three pairs was taken from the scores of three figures who ranked in the top three potential figures to be nominated as gubernatorial candidates.

Meanwhile, scores from four to high have the potential to be nominated as a candidate for deputy governor.

The founder of the Kanigoro Network assessed that this electability score system could be used as a logical consideration in capturing public aspirations through electability surveys of couples in determining their choices based on the availability of figures by grouping political party seats in Central Java.

“If you want to be consistent in sampling candidates for governor-deputy governor, it must be relevant to the number of political party seats available. Based on calculations of the composition of political party seats, we must present a maximum sample of three pairs,” he explained.***