Research Office announces webinar for Python software users | E-News

“Python Development with Visual Studio Code,” designed to equip participants with the fundamentals of Python programming within the VSCode IDE, will be held from 3-4 pm Wednesday, Feb. 28, on Zoom.

Python is one of the most popular computer programming languages ​​for data analysis, task automation and machine learning. Because it’s relatively easy to learn, many non-programmers, such as accountants and scientists, use Python for a variety of everyday tasks.

The webinar will review how to set up the Python environment, VSCode’s powerful editing, running and debugging features, and integrating with Git for version control. Participants will also learn about useful extensions to enhance their development workflow.

The session includes a practical demonstration of building a simple Python project, offering hands-on experience with the tools and features discussed. The webinar aims to provide a solid foundation for developing Python applications efficiently using VSCode, catering to both advanced beginners and intermediate users.

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