Our students became Polish Champions in PLC programming / News / Lublin University of Technology

Kamil Zarajczyk, BEng and Filip Szewczyk, students of the robotization of manufacturing processes, as well as members of the Student Scientific Club of Robotization and Computer Science Applications, took first place at the Student Automation Championship in programming logic controllers in industrial machines. Our team defeated 50 teams from all over Poland. The final of the Championship was held on October 5, 2022 in Olsztyn, during the 5th Specialist Conference “Automation and Robotization of Industry”.

The organizers of the competition assured: – Industrial automation is a fantastic industry and we want to attract as many people as possible by showing them what the work of automation specialists is all about. The Student Automation Championship gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and enables developers to start building their personal brand.

The main goal of the competition is to popularize PLC programming among future industrial automation programmers.

– The subject of the competition, ie PLC, is a microprocessor responsible for controlling the machine.

PLC programming is all about writing algorithms that make the device perform specific actions – says Dr. Eng. Łukasz Sobaszek, supervisor of the Student Scientific Club of Robotization and Computer Science Applications.

The first stage of the competition was about solving tasks in the field of general knowledge of automation, as well as the ability to interpret and write PLC code. In the second stage, the participants solved a practical problem which concerned programming a simulated production line. In the final stage, the four best teams from Poland had to develop a program to control the high-bay warehouse. The final task included a number of requirements in the fields of system operation modes, safety systems operation, counting elements, or the implementation of the defined priority rule.

– I’m proud of my students. They perfectly used the knowledge gained during the classes at LUT and working in the research club. Our club is open to all people interested in modern software used in the broadly understood computer support of manufacturing processes and robotization of production – emphasizes Dr. Eng. Łukasz Sobaszek.

The organizers of the competition were: the job portal ‘RobotaAutomatyka.pl’, the Alnea company, as well as the organizers of the ‘Automation and Robotization of Industry’ conference.