Pi Network is called a new competitor to Visa and MasterCard, here’s the explanation

Jakarta, Beritabulukumba.com – The Pi Network digital currency is said to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world today.

With a number of users reaching more than 55 million, it is the basis for building and developing web3.

Even now, the presence of the Pi Network is said to be a threat to the traditional, centralized banking world.

It is possible that the Pi Network will become popular in the future as a payment tool like Visa and Master Card.

Distributed applications (DApps) developed on Pi Network have the potential to connect with traditional financial institutions such as banks, Visa, MasterCard.

Pi Network and Smart Wallet

All of this will be achieved when the Core Team opens a mainnet network called open mainnet.

By the time mainnet opens, community members will likely immediately sell Pi to Fiat via other blockchain exchanges.

Some crypto activists have advised against this as the Pi aims to immediately meet a practical need on web2.

Moreover, Dapps can integrate directly with payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, or other blockchains without any difficulty.

The Pi Network white paper emphasizes that external blockchain exchanges will be able to connect to Pi when the network opens.

Demonstrates a strong focus on integrating the web2 economy into the Web3 platform.

Today many different industries such as IT, healthcare, education, finance are looking for blockchain integration for management applications – all of which can be built on the Pi. ***

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