NAUI Asia Pacific Supports Divers Alert Network First Aid Training Activities for Maritime Tourism Actors

RUZKA REPUBLIKA — William Tong, NAUI Training Director for NAUI Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific welcomed the safety training activities for marine tourism actors organized by the Divers Alert Network (DAN) and the Ministry of Tourism.

The activity which took place in Sanur, Bali, was attended by around 50 crew members, divers, BNPD, life guards and tour guides.

“We support this training activity, we hope all participants will enjoy getting first aid skills,” said William Tong in Sanur, Bali, Thursday (09/05/02024).

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NAUI has adopted DAN material as a standard first aid training method throughout the world.

According to DAN Country Manager Bayu Wardoyo, this training was carried out to provide awareness about tourism risks that could occur.

“These tourism actors are the backbone and frontline people as first responders to help,” said Bayu.

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Divers Alert Network is a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to improving diving safety for all divers.

The company was founded in Durham, North Carolina, United States, in 1980 at Duke University providing 24/7 hot-line diving medical assistance via telephone.

This first aid responder training will involve 1000 people throughout Indonesia. There have been around 300 people trained by DAN in the Seribu Islands, Jakarta, Anyer Merak, Banten and Labuan Bajo, NTT.

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AND donate 1000 First Aid Kits to all participants.

Chair of the Ministry of Tourism’s Maritime Tourism Interest Working Team, Fahmiu Oktavinu, welcomed DAN’s cooperation and concern for marine tourism.

“We are happy with DAN’s assistance, because this is in line with the Ministry of Tourism’s program to maintain maritime tourism throughout Indonesia,” he said.