Apart from being confident, the network is also the main business capital for Fransiscus Go

POS-KUPANG.COM Reporter Report, Michaella Uzurasi

POS-KUPANG.COM, KUPANG – The figure of Fransiscus Go, who has been around the business world for approximately 20 years, shares his experiences in the Pos Kupang Podcast, Wednesday, 08/05/2024.

For him, apart from self-confidence, another important thing that an entrepreneur must prepare is a network.

It looks like Fransiscus Go’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur today, here is a clip from an exclusive interview with the host of Online Pos Kupang Manager, Alfons Nedabang.

Mr. Frans, what special mission did you arrive at in Kupang today?

The main and only aim was to attend the ordination of the Archbishop of Kupang, Mgr. Hironimus Pakaenoni. I left early this morning, arrived at 6 am.

I’m curious, how did you start your career as an entrepreneur?

Actually there is nothing special. Becoming an entrepreneur or entrepreneur is just one choice in our lives, there are those who choose to be professional and great too, there are those who choose to work in a laboratory and great too and so on. Everyone’s choices are different.

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Well, by chance I chose to become an independent entrepreneur. Of course the journey is not always smooth, then there is time to start, there is time to learn, there is time to do business and there is time to look back to see what we have done yesterday to see what we have to improve on because the challenges of ten years ago and the challenges of today are different.

How many years old did you become an independent entrepreneur for the first time?

That was 20 years ago. That’s on my personal note, I want to be an independent entrepreneur at the age of 35. I emphasize that it is not just one goal but it requires preparation.

So to achieve being an entrepreneur I need an internship. I interned at two large companies, meaning I worked for five years (at each company) before I dared to try my own business.

So don’t you just start building a business straight away?

Yes Like recently our younger brothers won football, it’s impossible to practice in the afternoon, or at night they won. Surely they go through a training center. Likewise, to become an entrepreneur you have to enter a training center, namely working with the right companies for us to learn from.